Ads Keyword & Interest Suggestions

Automatically test new interests and narrow down your Facebook target audience to include keywords which get more conversions on average by applying daily tips sent by your virtual assistant.
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Ads Keyword & Interest suggestions
Searching through broad audiences to identify keywords that convert? Guessing which segments to choose for cold campaigns to get more actions by reasonable price? What if you have a virtual assistant which can automatically check which interest within your ad set gets more conversions on average than other keywords?

We all know that finding the best interests to target is crucial for a successful campaign… and that finding those interests is a major time suck. And then once we've got a campaign running, it's really hard to find out exactly which interests are worth targeting!

With Leadza Ads Keyword & Interest suggestions feature you can get more actions within your marketing budget by testing interests that convert and not wasting your marketing budget on Split Tests.
How Ads Keyword & Interest suggestions work

Now you can scale a particular campaign on Facebook by testing new ad sets targeted on 50+ uncovered interests and finding top keywords that convert.

The system uncovers new interests that you are unable to find manually or it take lots of ti me:

  • It searches for fan pages when a lot of people talking about that topic - so the name of the page will enter into the Facebook interest database
  • It can grab pages liked by the specific fan page
  • It finds suggested by Facebook interests based on your top keywords

To identify interests that convert the system gives a suggestion to duplicate the most performing ad set according to the campaign average cost per action. And runs a test with a new ad set targeted on 50+ uncovered interests. After running a test the system checks which interests within your ad set gets more conversions on average than other keywords.

To start getting keyword suggestions your ads should have at least 7 days of statistics and use interest-based targeting. The system shows which of those 50+ interests are more promising and give you better cost per action. If an interest is not converting you know it immediately!

Finally to get more actions within your marketing budget Leadza suggests you to narrow down your Facebook target audience to include keywords which get more conversions on average. So you will have a new winning ad set in your ad campaign which will be gradually scaled with budget increase suggestions.

Competitive advantages

Ledza helps you find interests you'd normally have to manually search through the Facebook interface to find and finally could find much less. With a click of a button, you can create a new testing ad set so those interests are added straight into it – no more copying and pasting. After your ad has been running, you can get a breakdown of how each interest is performing within that ad set and automatically ask your virtual assistant to narrow your targeting. No more multiple ad sets to try and find out which interest is best for you to target.

If you are still not sure which tool to choose we prepared a quick comparison:
keyword suggestions tools comparsion
keyword suggestions tools comparsion
When you swap an alternative for Leadza you:

  • Get a 1-click solution without digging into any dashboard to include/exclude your interests manually
  • Get addition al optimization tips on how to scale your "winning" ad set with top-performing interests
  • Save your budget on buying more expensive solutions

How to set up Ads Keyword & Interest suggestions

After you log in to Leadza, connect a virtual assistant in your Facebook Messenger and get a list of suggestions for your ad accounts connected to the system. To use this feature you need to provide 5 keywords that better describe your product and your target audience. While analyzing your ad campaigns Leadza will suggest you create a new ad set targeted on 50+ interests and keywords. Apply your 1-click suggestion so your new ad set will be created.

After 7-day test Leadza will provide you with the understanding which interests actually result in clicks and profits.

If you need more advanced options you can customize the feature by creating a New custom optimization in your Leadza account:
How to set up Ads Keyword & Interest suggestions
How to set up Ads Keyword & Interest suggestions
  • Set a name to easily navigate between optimizations
  • Choose Ads Keyword & Interest suggestions as optimization type
  • Specify Ad account
  • Define the list of your ad campaigns for which this setting will apply
Set your own conditions for Ads Keyword & Interest suggestions to adjust it for your specific marketing goals:
Adjust Ads Keyword & Interest suggestions
Adjust Ads Keyword & Interest suggestions
    You can change your Optimization goal from Conversions (for example) to any other event (even ROAS) depending on your final marketing goal. Changing the optimization goal means the system will look for a top-performer to duplicate based on this goal. Or if you have some outdated ad sets in your campaigns simply ask the system to analyze only those which are active.

    With this feature scaling multiple interests becomes a no-brainer. Simply eliminate the need for complicated split testing to find top-performing interests.